Amazing Spider-Man #641 Cover Gives Me Over-Emotional Tingles

Dig on the latest promo for One Moment In Time, which is, I believe, the cover to Amazing Spider-Man #641. Isn’t Paolo Rivera gorgeous?

I’m torn on the current Spidey storyline, One Moment In Time. On one hand, I find it surprisingly grounded in relatable minutiae. The conversation between Parker and MJ that dictates the narrative is absurdly heartbreaking to a giant slobbering mess like me. On the other hand, the entire thing is a knotty attempt at perhaps over-explaining what happened back during One More Day.

I love it, but I feel like I shouldn’t.

As somewhat of a closet Emo Kid and sucker for romance, the heartfelt convo by a shattered couple sprawled about an apartment gets to me. I can’t help it.