Fallout: New Vegas Advertisement Disses JRPGs, I Moan In Excitement

I haven’t beaten Final Fantasy XIII yet, but I’ve played Fallout 3 and the Mass Effect series until my eyes have bled. So you can imagine how I feel about the JRPG/Bethesda & Bioware divide. Which is why this advertisement makes me giggle like a little fanboy. Giggle, giggle!


Says one, “A game where you just follow the scenario is like living life on rails.”

Another: “What’s the point of playing again if there’s no change to the story.”

The girl to the left: “When did games become something that you watch?”

The tall one in back: “I think it would be nice if the main character had a mission aside from just wiping out evil.”

Suggests the one sitting in front: “”The world has been prepared. After that, you’re free to do as you please!”

Now, I don’t know how well this sort of advertisement will go over in Japan, where its directed. They obviously love them some JRPG. But for a dork like me who just wants to run around an open world, free from groan-inducing pronouncements and hand-holding, its pure nerd cattiness.