Beware! The Mastomegalobot-Rex Will Eat Your Soul!

Beware! The Mastomegalobot-Rex is on the prowl! It desires your spine between its teeth! If even! At three-thousand feet tall, with metallic teeth the size of skyscrapers, it will hardly register your demise!

As it!

Smashes through!

Cities and states alike!

Bred by the evil Dr. Maniacal Guy with the desire to restore a paradoxical order of chaos to the primordial beings who dare dream of understanding the Deity, it knows nothing but glee in your spilled blood!

The Mastomegalobot-Rex! The most vile of commie threats, endangering our sovereignty and capitalism as we know it! Powered by vodka and sickles, it won’t stop until we all know the horror of decimation and bread liness!

The Mastomegalobot-Rex!