Dude Takes Stand And Deletes WoW Characters; Will Take Razors Next And Delete Life

Some fucking dorkus malorkus on the internet posted this video of him deleting his World of Warcraft characters. Apparently he’s played the game a shitload, and he’s like, lonely and stuff:

via kotaku:
Internet person haiksterbnh   spent nearly five years of his life playing World of Warcraft, clocking over 24,000 hours. He created a Level 73 Shaman and a Level 80 Priest. But after “having no friends…at all”, he made an important decision.
In a video he posted on YouTube, the 34-year-old haiksterbnh is apparently giving away all his in-game items and deleting his characters. Sure, he could have sold his account, but deleting everything seems far more cathartic.

What a dumb fucking move. Maybe I’m a hater, but this is how I see it. Haikster-guy, if you’re a 34 year-old guy and you have no friends, deleting your characters isn’t going to save your social life. In fact, when you wake up the next morning without our purples and your phat loots, you’re probably going to barf blood as you fire off an e-mail to Blizzard begging for restoration. WoW didn’t kill your social skills, and you probably just lost your closest group of friends. Who cares if they’re on the internet, tangibility is so 20th Century.

Hit the jump to watch this guy make the biggest mistake of his past ten years or so.