Views From The Space-Ship: Inside the Asylum

Desktop: 6|8|2010

Here’s the deal. Parents took digital camera to Bermuda. iPhone camera broken. So I’m sharing some miscellaneous pictures of my existence with you. Enjoy.



I’ve already posted this here, but this is the programmer of the site / child molester / friend of mine, Bags. Terrific temporary Fu-Manchu after shaving his terrorist beard.



Pepsibones’ diagram for Chuck Palahniuk’s Rant. He’s insane with love for the book. And insane.



My desk circa April of 2009. All the papers were from a directed study I was writing my senior year of undergrad. I’ve had fucking papers everywhere. Forever.


Bruschi Sauce

The best cat of all time, Bruschi Todd, hitting the sauce at Pepsibones’ graduation party last December.



My fucking RROD. I didn’t take it well. It wasn’t covered by warranty. So my girlfriend and Brian took to it. Took to it hard…



Obliterated 360.



At New York Comicon in 2009.


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