BBQs and Sunshine

Das Backyard

It’s gorgeous out here in Massachusetts. Sometimes, you just gotta drop back and say “What a wonderful day to be alive.” Nothing makes everything seem okay like weathering another dismal winter, and a Spring of flooding that made my room smell like my feet. Mrs. Caffeine Powered and I were grilling a couple of nights ago; okay, she grills and I just run around grabbing plates and setting tables, and I was so thrilled with existence at the moment I took these pictures. It’s amazing how happy sunshine can make the average human being.

And the Living's Easy

I’m telling you man, we all secretly want to be down at the local watering hole, after having chased down some wild animal, eaten, and had sex. For all of our new fangled inventions and creations, I can’t think of anything that makes me as happy as a pretty day, an evening with friends, or the Mrs. And if you combine the lot of them, you have a wunderday.