Halo Reach Legendary Edition Is Sick; Too Bad the Game Will Blow

Halo Legendary Edition : Jerk Off To Chief

…Yeah, this thing is a) excessive b) ridiculous and c) amazing. The problem is that every Halo game has done less and less for me. I’ll give ODST double-daps for having an engaging narrative, but…I don’t know. I’m skeptical. Let’s put it that way. I’ll buy the game, albeit not this edition. But to spend $150 for the luxurious edition of a game that could be very well “meh”, seems a bit insane.

via kotaku:

With a price of $149.99, the Halo Reach Legendary Edition is one of the pricier collector’s editions we’ve seen, but it certainly isn’t without reason. There’s not mini-plastic cat helmet inside this box. Instead, Bungie commissioned McFarlane Toys to create a 10 inch tall, 10 pound diorama statue featuring the members of Noble Team, the stars of the game.

As if that weren’t enough, the Legendary Edition also comes with a flaming Spartan helmet for multiplayer, as well as all of the contents of the Limited Edition, all packed inside a striking UNSC-themed custom box.

Halo Legendary Edition

I’m sure when I buy the Mass Effect 3: Erotica Edition that features “Simulated underwear worn by Yeoman Chambers during glorious, glorious, finally achieved sex with female Shepard”, you’ll be able to say the same thing to me.