Wake Up! Abin Sur? Hal Jordan, Bitch!

Abin Sur

The sun rose again this morning. Bastard’s persistent, I’ll give him that much.

I got rocked last night. After detailing the wonder that is Bourbon County, I decided to keep drankin’ it. Ended up watching Metallica and Megadeth DVDs with my good chums Riff and Savadave. The combination of ethanol and shreddery launched me into a different mental dimension. I actually convinced Riff to drive me back to my house so that I could retrieve the leftover pizza. In my mind, I was an Italian Robin Hood. And no, I’m not Italian.

In any case, I crashed into my bed like Abin Sur, worried that I’d wake up to find myself reeling. Miraculously, I’m feeling like Hal Jordan! Will power!

I’m kicking back, making my way through some of the work I’ve determined to finish today. My eardrums are taking a bath in Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. And you’d better believe there’s some coffee in the mix.

How are you waking up?