Feel the Hypnotic Burn of Creative Discomfort


Pepsibones and I are into truly weird shit. Like, odd shit that makes us feel like we’re taking the mind-altering substances we either cannot procure, or are too sissy to take. So when my friend Patrick passed along a new project he and his friend Bryan are working on, taking old VHS tapes from their library and editing them and making them generally more uncomfortable and amazing than they already are, I was like, fucking awesome. There’s a great one involving the New Kids On the Block, and a dope pizza guy with a mullet.

And then there’s the one I’m posting here.

It’s a mash-up of a Gucci Mane mixtape and the 90s German sci-i film “Bodo.” So if you’re in the market for hip-hop, or odd german sci-fi flicks on VHS, you’re in luck. It features beats, and some chick smoking and almost making out with a pre-pubescent. Why aren’t you already watching?

I showed it to my friend Brandon, who commented:

this has got to be one of the more fucked up things i’ve ever seen, which gives it that much more love

that roboto is a fucking pervert too, so i like him the best

that monkey just made me shit my pants

Well said, Brandon.

It’s weird shit, and strangely hypnotic. There’s something really creepy and odd about VHS in general, isn’t there? I mean, nothing seems dirtier and more erotic than old-school porn on a fuzzy VHS.   Check out the rest right here.