Mass Effect 2 Is Getting a Shit Load of DLC; I Just Shot Fluids


Ohhhhh, shiznit. Check this fly ass shit out. If there’s one thing that really bummed me out about the original Mass Effect – besides the barren worlds, and three-hour story mission, it was that Bioware really never came through on their promise of dope DLC that bridged the gap between the original and its sequel. There was a throwaway simulation piece of garbage, and Bring Down the Sky which was a shitty mission that could have been included in the game and I wouldn’t have known better.

Well, it appears my boys at “The Ware” are coming god damn correct for their new installment.

Via Destructoid:

In a recent conversation with GTTV (via TVGB), Mass Effect 2 project director Casey Hudson revealed that most of the ME2 team would switch to working on ME2 downloadable content after the completion of the core game. And don’t expect just huge expansion packs — the game will support a range of different content unlike the first ME.“As part of trying to build the game, as ambitious as it was, one of the things we weren’t able to do technically was to have the support in the game itself for certain kinds of downloadable content,” Hudson said, speaking to the first Mass Effect and its hang-ups.

Hell yeah! It’s getting some good god damn support. I like how they’re all learning and shit. They’re talking about bringing new characters, new campaigns, and other shit to the DLC for ME2. Let’s be optimistic and assume this is building on top of an already ballin’ retail release.

I also love the fact that Hudson realizes that Bring Down the Sky fucking sucked:

What we found was that the content we could produce with a small team in a short time just wasn’t up to the standards we wanted to produce for DLC,” she continued in response to our question. “We were able to produce more uncharted-world level content in a reasonable time, and that’s what we originally envisioned ‘Bring Down The Sky’ as being, but in an early project review we just didn’t feel that it was measuring up to what we wanted from DLC.

This is all terribly fantastic to me.