Bishop’s T-Shirt

Bishop TShirt

Ben Bishop is a sick artist out of Portland, Maine that I met at a Boston comic convention last year. Although strapped for cash at the time, Ben cut me a deal and I walked away with a sketchbook. I was so impressed by the work within that I ended up ordering Nathan the Caveman, his self-published debut. If you ever get the chance, check it out because it is an extremely strong first-effort, a genuinely affective love story spanning across the history of humanity.

But even if  you’d rather do yourself a disservice and not read Nathan the Caveman, you can still help out Ben Bishop. Ben is submitting a t-shirt design (as seen above) to However, he needs votes in order to stand any chance  of having it  printed. As he stated in an email to his mailing list:

hey everyone, PLEASE help me out and VOTE on my TSHIRT DESIGN! if it wins it gets printed and sold and   i could get $2,000 , which i could REALLY USE! haha. its very simple, all you have to do is follow the instructions after this link! please please please. if you know anyone please have them vote as well! thanks so much!

– Ben Bishop

So there you have it. Help the dude out – he’s a great artist who deserves support (and could use some cash). Also, in case you couldn’t tell – that shirt design is fucking rad.

And if this Bishop’s t-shirt gets printed, maybe we could convince this Bishop to loan us his shirt: