Supermanfuck Meets Christina Hendricks


Well, you know how I pioneered the “Supermanfuck!”

If you’ve forgotten, it’s when you’re having sex in the missionary position. And you lay down on your boyfriend/girlfriend, and you put both hands out like you’re flying. Assuming the iconic Superman mid-flight position. It’s brilliant. Still haven’t tried it.


I’m now combining it with my crush of the moment, Christina Hendricks. I’ve decided she’s literally the perfect woman to share your performance of the Supermanfuck with. Why?

Sam and I were watching an episode of Mad Men, and some guy is making out with Joan (her character). And because of her ample bosoms, the dude is literally floating above her. He’s got to be five feet in the air, resting on her cleavage. That’s how much of a bosom this beautiful woman has. And it has hit me, she is perfect for this position. If you can land on top of Christina Hendricks, and you hit the Supermanfuck!, you’ll literally find yourself flying above the most gorgeous woman on television.

You go, Superman!