‘Bulletproof Coffin’ Creators Cut Up ‘FANTASTIC FOUR #2’ With Scissors. For Art.

I can get behind this insanity from the creators of Bulletproof Coffin. They goddamn cut up a copy of Fantastic Four #2. You see,  I don’t collect comic books. I read  them. Sometimes I rip out pages and stick them on my wall in moments of inspiration. However, with an issue of this nature…I may show a little more reserve. So double-daps to them.

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Comics Alliance:

To illustrate the concept behind an upcoming issue of their excellent Image comic,  Bulletproof Coffin, creators David Hine and Shaky Kane have taken a pair of scissors and  cut an issue of  Fantastic Four  #2 into pieces.  COLLECTIVE GASP!  The pair removed individual panels from the classic Jack Kirby comic and placed them in different order as a demonstration of  cut-up technique, wherein components of a work (usually, lines of text) are rearranged to create an entirely new narrative. Behold their superhero comics apostasy with horror and/or fascination!