Kathie Lee Gifford Says Adult Gamers Are ‘Weird’. She Is A Bastion of Dumb.

It’s also a reverse compliment that Kathie Lee Gifford thinks that adults who play video games are weird. To associate with her empty husk, her pithy ramblings, and the mind-numbing brain rot for housewives that is her television show is a fate worse than death. The Dark Mark or some shit.


NBC’s The Other View has gone on record as saying that anybody who is over thirty-years-old and plays videogames is “Weird.” That’s according to hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, as well as their guest Donny Deutsch.

When asked by a viewer if it was normal for adults to play videogames, Gifford responded with one of the most intelligent and thought-provoking answers she has ever given in her career: “”No, that’s weird … Xbox.”

Deutsch agreed that it was unacceptable, adding, “No, the answer’s no. When you’re in your thirties, there should be something more on your mind, your attention, than video games.” Kotb added to the discussion by referring to gamers as, ‚Äúthose weird ones in the basement.”

The three hosts then gave permission for us all to play videogames if we are playing them with our children, before joining hands and (seriously) singing “Kumbaya” in a manner far more “weird” than anything they were talking about.

The moment is a glorious watermark pointing out how woefully far behind Kathie Lee Gifford is when it comes to the advancement of our current generations. What aggravates me more than anything is this Donny Deutsch and his proclamation that there should be something “more” on the minds of adults than video games. I’m going to go ahead and figure that Deutsch hasn’t played a game in years, couldn’t name one of the more prominent staples, and more importantly is fucking door nail dumb.

Consider for a moment where the statement was made. It was blathered from the lips of rotting-gut cultural vultures on The Other View. Morning news shows and other post-breakfast television programming on the Big Three stations are obvious cultural black holes. They pump the viewers with minutiae, filling their minds with products to buy. Banal concepts of relationship advice. Cooking segments and whacky animals.

Frankly there needs to be something more on mind of the Bovine Masses than two out of touch women and some jabroni spitting nonsense about a community they have no idea about, and greasy staples of our popculture psyche. Weight loss. Consumption. Stupidity.

Fuck you Kathie Lee, and your gang of parasites.