#Desktop Thursdays

Desktop Thursdays: it was a wonderful life

it was a wonderful life

Welcome to another edition of Desktop Thursdays! I’ll level with you, I don’t update this often, ’cause I really don’t do much. For a column that’s predicated on showing my world(s) with you, both literal and digital, I…I don’t take many pictures these days! But! I’m here today. So bask in my banality, and then share your own in the comments section!

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Desktop Thursdays: Drink It In, Man

drink it in, man

Drink it in, mannn! My existence! Drink in these views from the degenerated meat-halls through which I walk in the TangiVerse. After all these views I’m proffering are the very point of this weekly post, Desktop Thursdays. I didn’t hit you folks up last week, as I was in Nova Scotia throwing Nana’s urn into the marsh. It is a necessary Acadian tradition, through which you unleash a fallen Acadian Village Shaman’s corporeal form, so they may walk the Omniverse with their fellow brother and sister shamans.

So this week it’s a heavy dose of Nova Scotia action and of course, my stupid fucking dog and cats.

I beseech you to share looks into your own lives in the comments section. Or don’t, you dirty little voyeurs.

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Desktop Thursdays: Booty Game Too Strong

booty game too strong

Booty Game Too Strong?! Fucking impossible! Try me, bro. When I die, I hope my epitaph reads, potentially, as such: He Died As He Lived, Worshipping The Booty. Oh fuck, Oh me, Oh my. Where I am? I got, I got the vapors. The dog’s looking at me side-eyed, and I’m worried she perceives the eventual-embolism approaching. Finally. My body and mind soaked with Dew, my loins and shirt soaked with Booty Worship.

While I’m here, before my leaves fall, let me throw this out to you, fair Garbage Lords. This late-as-fuck but hey-at-least-I’m-posting-it edition of Desktop Thursdays.

Check out my rot-gut, trash existence! Then, I beseech you, before the long night comes, share your own world(s) in the comments section.

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Desktop Thursdays: Go Ahead And Kiss It

desktop thursdays go ahead and kiss it

Two weeks in a row! Desktop Thursdays! Go ahead, friends. Kiss it. It won’t bite back. May give you a little smooch in an honest attempt at reciprocity, though. What is “It”, you ask? Good question. The Universe? My stunning, cut, lean, mesmerizing bicep? A dumpster behind 7-Eleven? The choice is yours.



After you get done with your obligatory, state-mandated (the state of OmegaLevelia, obviously) smooch, hit the jump! Check out some peeks into my worlds(s) from the past week.

Then, after the smooch, after the checking-out-of-my-world(s hyphen-hyphen), display your own existence in the comments section.

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Desktop Thursdays: I’m Not Allowed! I’m Not Allowed!

i'm not allowed!

I…haven’t done a Desktop Thursdays since April? Sweet, Christ! Sweet, Christmas! Time melts, evaporates, races, fades, but most infuriatingly: continues. Whelp, here we are! Returned! By Christ, By Cthulhu, By Your Gods and Mine! So, let’s do this, comrades, enemies, bitter but sexually charged rivals! Let’s share our world(s!) Our real worlds! Our virtual! Anything, everything, yadda yadda, et cetera.

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Desktop Thursdays: Shred The Gnarl

shred the gnarl!

If I’m being honest, I don’t do Desktop Thursdays on the weekly because some weeks, you know. Some weeks I just haven’t accumulated enough artifacts of my life to make it worth sharing with you. But! This week, I have returned. So let’s Dance the Dance. I’m going to drop on you a glimpse or so into my world(s) – virtual, physical, existential. Following that, I hope you’ll share glimpses into your own!

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Desktop Thursdays: open your heart to the snake oil peddlers

desktop thursdays open your heart to the snake oil peddlers

This is Desktop Thursdays! Your (quasi)weekly look at my world(s). Be they emotional, virtual, realistical, video gamical. All them fucking worlds! I ain’t just about sharing, though. Show me your world(s) in the comments section. I beseech thee.

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Desktop Thursdays: Chaos Reigns Supreme

chaos reigns supreme

There’s a stunning, albeit welcomed, banality to my life. To skip two weeks of Desktop Thursdays, the column where I share with you both my virtual and tangible worlds, and look back and find emptiness. Placidity. Nothing much to report, over and out. Nothing much to comment upon, over and out.

I’m here this week, though, with said column. And I’ll share, with you said worlds.

I hope you’ll do the same in the comments.

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Desktop Thursdays: Pizza Junkie XL Pizza

stupid fat

The winter has not been kind to my body. Or rather, I have not been kind to my body this winter. Just eating. Always eating. Alas, alas, alas. Welcome to my world, welcome to my gluttony, welcome to my self-hate. You can find all within this post, Desktop Thursdays. Show me, show me your world(s), too!

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Desktop Thursdays: Snow Way To Get To School!

snow way to get to school

Welcome to Desktop Thursdays! The post where I share my world(s) both real and virtual! I’ll keep this short and sweet! ‘Cause it’s a snow day and I want to get back to making it long and fat! Crushing calories en masse, growing the fat ass en masse, maximizing the harassment of my wife en masse with sass! Don’t have much to offer this week in the way of views into my world! But offer them I shall! And I hope, oh do I hope, you’ll share your own world in the comments section!

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