Brubaker & Phillips are rocking Hollywood Noir with ‘THE FADE OUT.’

The Fade Out.

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are a comic book power couple. Even if I’m not obsessive over all their collaborations, their names alone are enough for me to get intrigued. Maybe even marginally jacked + pumped. Right off the bat. Their latest effort to be revealed is some straight-up Hollywood Noir shit. The Fade Out.

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AFFLECK & DAMON are producing adaptation of BRUBAKER & PHILLIPS’ ‘SLEEPER.’


Power Bro Couples working within Power Bro Couples. Wheels within wheels. Affleck and Damon producing an adaptation of comic book bro couple Brubaker and Phillip’s Sleeper. This is wonderful.

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Comics We’re Buying This Week: Event Books Ass Eating Contest

With a headline like that, I better buckle up. It’s that time of the year where the Funny Book Factories begin churning out stunning efforts in mediocrity, otherwise known as Events. Yes sir. Yes ma’am. This week the all ninety-three Avengers teams are going to be throwing down with all fourteen X-Men squads and the price will be paid by readers looking for something not refried and snot-covered. (I thought this was called Civil War?)

Eh! There’s dope books a’dropping this week too. Let’s focus on that. This is Comics We’re Buying This Week. The simplistically titled column where us worshippers of the paneled page can gather around and share the funny book loot we’re snagging this week.  Don’t know what’s coming out? Hit up ComicList.

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Comics We’re Buying This F**king Week: Massive Wood and Brubaker’s College Fund.

Welcome to the newly minted (and perhaps not staying named as such)  Comics We’re Buying This F**king Week. Figured I’d cut the bullshit. Herein us guys and gals of the sequential funny book time can share the comic books we’re digging on in a given week. It’s a pretty exciting week, as I’m getting a new dose of Wood to engulf. Always a sucker for the Wood. (And infantile puns. It’s been a long day, forgive me.)

Dig the releases for yourself at ComicList.

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Ed Brubaker Writing ‘Criminal’ Film Adaptation For Director David Slade. Noir Swoon.

Are you in on the Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips noir awesome train that is Criminal? If not you need to rectify that. For those of us who dig on the franchise there’s dope news. The glorious comic book noir is getting the big screen treatment, and Eddie Brubaker is helming the project himself.

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Variant Covers: Spiders, Red Wings, and Frankenstein’s Monsters.

Every Wednesday I’m granted a brief reprieve from the quiet of my own mind. Every Wednesday in the form of images and words I’m given a myriad of different Universes to momentarily inhabit. Bulging muscles and metaphysical pontifications. Heroics and psychological demons. Every week. What a gift.

This is Variant Covers. Comic book column. The comics I’m snagging on a given week, or stoked upon. What are you reading? I’m interested.

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Variant Covers: Criminals, Mutants, and Hot Dogs.

With the stink of Memorial Day weekend-promoted seared animal and sunshine still on my flesh, I bustle to bring you this week’s Variant Covers. Summer time always smacks of considerable events, the now common deluge of superhero flicks, and a good excuse to read some funny books in front of that big shiny star looming down at us. Per usual, I encourage readers to share their pull lists for the week. I can’t read everything, haven’t heard of your favorite niche comic but I’m interested, and often just like to look at slicing swords and telekinetic knives.

Hit me!

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Variant Covers: Sex, Drugs, and Mystical Hammers.

I got myself a stack of the fat ass funny books. ‘Stead of reading them, I have to blather to you interbeings about the shit that is dropping in the world of comics tomorrow, and I’ll be goddamned if that ain’t proof Leibniz didn’t know shit. Most perfect of all worlds? My fucking ass! Pizza gets you fat and your fucking colon kills you.


This is the world of Variant Covers, a preview of the comic books coming out this week. Hit me with your pull-list.


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