Downey Jr. says big movie announcement coming in eight days, drops Iron Man character poster for ‘AoU’


Robert Downey Jr hung a double-whammy on the masses today. First the actor dropped an Iron Man character poster for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Neat enough, right? But then the good lad followed up that magnanimity up by announcing…a Marvel announcement. Apparently Marvel Studios is dropping some announcement in eight days, and like. If this isn’t web-shooter related, I’ll be shocked.

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‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ gets (unsurprising) plot synopsis


Are you like me? Hungry for any morsel of Avengers: Age of Ultron news? Well, here. Gobble up this official plot synopsis from Disney. It’s pretty much everything the Internet has already figured out, but it makes for a momentary indulgence.

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MARKY MARK WAHLBERG sort of wants to play IRON MAN after RDJ.

Feel the vibrations or something.

Disclaimer: I actually like Marky Mark. You know, when he is playing one of his beefcake bimbo roles. But as the lead in Iron Man? Thinking about it. My testes ascend into my throat, and not shortly after I vomit them out into my martini. I still drink said martini, of course.

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WATCH: ‘IRON MAN 3′ done up as 16-BIT VIDEO GAME.


Ya’ll love them Iron Men. Ya’ll love them 16-Bit homages to various things across cultures. Now it is time! For the former to slide into the latter, engaging in some copious geek coitous.

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Cosplay: CARDBOARD IRON MAN suits are stark lesson in awesomeness.


Get it? Stark? Yeah, whatever. There Iron Man suits are forged under the flame of cardboard. They wouldn’t stop a bullet, but would stop people at a comic convention. You know, because they will want to snap a picture with your hot ass.

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BUTCHER BILLY inserts old-school MARVEL ART into superhero movies.

This is some outrageously fantastically swell endeavoring, right here.  Artist Butcher Billy has taken old school Marvel artwork and interjected it into movies from the House of Ideas. The results are disjointed bliss.

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Oh golly. Not only is Jonathan Hickman leaving Fantastic Four this year, it also appears that Matty Fraction is throwing up the deuces towards Invincible Iron Man. This saddens me a great deal, Fraction and Larocca having delivered quality Anthony Stark tales for the past, what, four years? Damn. Double damn.

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Avengers x Papercraft = Adorable Renditions of Earth’s Mightiest

I still ain’t over Avengers. I’ve seen it four times, but this has nary an effect on my voracious appetite for more. I will have to sate myself on adorable pop culture particles that the film has generated, such as these Avengers papercraft products.

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The Avengers: You’re Going to See It. Now You’re Here to Understand Why You’re Going to See It.

The Avengers should be as necessary to you this weekend as breathing, if:

–  You saw and enjoyed the Marvel Universe films of the past five years — like Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

– You read and enjoy superhero comic books.

– You have a fucking pulse.

If two of these things apply, you’ve probably already seen it.   If all three do, you saw it last night at midnight like the rest of us.

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WATCH: This IRON MAN Cosplay MOVES. Tech Swag ++

Sure you’ve seen Iron Man cosplay. However, have you seen Iron Man cosplay that replicates the nearly erotic for tech-fetishists clicking and clanking of the armor coming together?

Hit the jump!

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