‘Borderlands’ Creators Reveal New IP ‘Battleborn’ Plus Trailer!


The minds behind My Favorite Franchise Of The Last Gen (Maybe, Maybe Not, Whatever) have revealed their next game. And like we all knew ahead of time, it ain’t Borderlands 3. The joint is called Battleborn and it’s been labeled a “hero-shooter.” While I’m sure I will enjoy this game to an extent, a) I don’t really know what the fuck hero-shooter means, b) the art design ain’t my speed, and c) I want Borderlands 3. None the less, I trust the group to deliver compelling gameplay. And ain’t that what this shit is all about? What do you all make of this?

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‘BORDERLANDS 3′ isn’t being made right now. F**ks**ta**

Borderlands 2.

C’mon, Gearbox Software! Fuck you, fuck your new IPs. You’re not working on Borderlands 3 right now? You need to. Don’t misunderstand me. I need you to. It keeps the glue in my blood-brain barrier from dissolving, which will let the omni-slugs into my rotting-piece.

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Tales from the Borderlands trailer.

Never mind my hesitation. All it took was a trailer to make me loot-moan. My vault is ready to gape open for this goodness,

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‘BORDERLANDS 2′ LAUNCH TRAILER: Everything is handsome, nothing hurts.

‘BORDERLANDS 2′ golden key dares you to use it. Early. Often.

I’m not really sure if I’m getting a golden key with my copy of Borderlands 2. I ordered the most expensive copy I could find on Amazon, so if it I’m not getting it, I got fucked. The conceit behind the key is pretty awesome, and one that I quietly am hoping I can exploit to my own wonderment.

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The Money Making Minds behind Borderlands 2 have announced a season pass for the upcoming title. Such a swag bag will entitle you to all of the game’s DLC for a mere $30. I’m not a computational wizard, but that shit is at least 50% off what you’d have to spend to buy it as it came out. As a dorkus who was going to snag all of the DLC and rub it so, so, so lovingly all over my own shanty towns, I’m excited.

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What with all the rejiggering of this year’s game releases, Borderlands 2 has elevated itself to the position of my most anticipated joint. Here’s some new screenshots of the bitty. I’m totally loving the fact that they’re employing an entire palette this time, not just a wasteland of brown and poopy-green.

Hit the jump for some screenshots.

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‘BORDERLANDS 2′ TRAILER: Full ‘LION KING’ Treatment For Our Horror-Win

Borderlands 2 goes In The Jungle. Wasn’t what you were expecting, but god dammit you’ll fucking love it.

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‘BORDERLANDS 2′ Getting Better Framerates, Sh*t Loads of New Enemies

Now that Diablo 3  has dropped and BioShock Infinite  has gotten shoved into a date past the Year of Mayan Oblivion, I’m hard pressed to figure out a jam I want more this year than Borderlands 2. I’m also not really thinking that hard, between the caffeine haze and my ADD.

Here’s some info on my must-have.

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‘BORDERLANDS 2′ SPECIAL EDITIONS. Or, How I’ll Be Wasting Money In September

My goodness. My love for Borderlands  is unmatched by many a franchise. It is a love so strong that it will have me doing ludicrous things, like opting into ridiculous special editions I don’t need, and really can’t afford.

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