‘Silicon Valley’ Season 5 Trailer: Now With 100% More Puppies

Man, speaking of fucking shows I need to catch-up on. The Goddamn Content Deluge is real, it’s never ending, and it cannot be conquered.

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‘Legion’ Season 2 Teaser: It’s All In Your Head

Whelp, this trailer fucking reminds me that after I finish Fargo‘s third season, I really need to ingest the first season of Legion. Soon! Soon, I will finish the former. Soon! Soon, the second season of the latter premieres.

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‘Voltron’ Season 5 Trailer: Desperate times call for desperate alliances

Prince Lotor fixing to join the Voltron squad like a bad ass motherfucker. I’m ready for this. Ready.

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‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Trailer: Everybody Gotta Eat

Man, oh man, man, oh man. I need the second season of Atlanta badly, and this trailer only stokes the flames. That said, March 1 is relatively fucking close. I can make it! I can, right?

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Netflix confirms ‘Castlevania’ Season 2 is dropping this summer

netflix castlevania summer 2018

I say, goddamn. The wait for Castlevania‘s second season has been interminable. Not only because the first season was so dope, but also because we were only afforded a paltry fucking first offering. However, at the very least, we now know when the wait will end.

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‘True Detective’ Season 3 adds Scoot McNairy. This cast is absolutely fucking stacked, folks

true detective season 3 scoot mcnairy

Jesus Christ. The cast for the third season of True Detective was already stacked, and then! Oh god! And then it went and added Scoot McNairy. I can’t wait.

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‘Atlanta’ Season 2 Teaser Trailer: Round And Round We Go

atlanta season 2 trailer

Got ourselves another teaser trailer for Atlanta‘s second season, and it is as dope as the first. It’s after the jump, because apparently Twitter video insists on being a fucking thing.

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‘John Wick’ TV show could feature Ian McShane‘s Winston, so like, make this shit happen

john wick tv series ian mcshane winston

Ian McShane‘s Winston could feature in that upcoming John Wick TV show, folks. And I’m torqued with good reason, as the dude chews up all the scenes he is in in the movies.

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‘Fahrenheit 451’ Teaser Trailer and First Look: It Was An Extremely Stylized Pleasure To Burn

The first trailer for HBO’s F451 adaptation has dropped, and, eh, I don’t know. I don’t want to extrapolate (or attempt to, rather) too much from a teaser. However, my reticent-at-best feelings persist.

Hit the jump for some first look images, too.

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‘Silicon Valley’ Season 5 Trailer: Returning March 25

I’m behind on Silicon Valley to the tune of one season, so I don’t really have much to offer in the way of comment. That said, here, enjoy it!

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