Netflix’s ‘Defenders’ gets new poster that’s awful, per Marvel’s unspoken edict

netflix defenders poster

Marvel ain’t in the business of good posters, folks.

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 Trailer: Winter Is Here

This reminds me, I have to catch-up on Thrones before the premiere.

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HBO developing ‘Watchmen’ series with Damon Lindelof. Don’t get my hopes up, plz

watchmen hbo series damon lindelof

HBO is developing a Watchmen series alongside Damon Lindelof. Woah, nice. A Watchmen adaptation has always made most sense (to me) as an HBO series, or on another premium channel. As well, I’ve always had a problem with Lindelof, but apparently the dude more than acquitted himself with The Leftovers. So. Color me excited. Worst case Ontario, it still can’t be as bad as the Snyder movie.

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‘Star Trek Discovery’ is arriving September 24 but does anyone care at this point?

star trek discovery september 24

Not trying to be particularly snarky, here. Do people care about the premiere of Star Trek Discovery anymore? Between the seemingly endless delays, the loss of showrunner Bryan Fuller, and the majority of the show being banished to a esoteric streaming service, the show faces serious challenges. At the very least.

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Charlie Booker’s ‘Black Mirror’ getting book anthology series, depression goes analog

charlie booker black mirror book series

Charlie Booker’s Black Mirror is a stark take on our dystopian future-present. It’s incisive, wonderful, and depressing as fuck. If you’ve spent time wondering how else you can get Booker’s insight into our present techno-rot, having finished the series, well good fucking news. The show is being adapted into a book anthology series.

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David Fincher’s Netflix series ‘Mindhunter’ is dropping October 13

david fincher mindhunter october

I keep forgetting that there is a Fincher series rumbling down the gluttonous pipes of the internet to Netflix. Well, it’s even got a date now. October 13. Somewhat related, I also keep forgetting it was responsible for early House of Cards. None the less, what I believe is Fincher’s second Netflix offering is arriving this October.

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‘John Wick’ TV series will focus on the Continental hotel and the assassin underworld

john wick tv show the continental

The John Wick universe is interesting as fuck. A world filled with gold coins, seemingly endless assassins, and unspoken and spoken ethos. Half of the charm of this world, to me, is that the viewer is forced to piece it together without help from the movie. So while the idea of a John Wick spin-off show about this world interests me, it also concerns me. Do we really need explanations? Or is half the allure of the Universe its mystery?

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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7 finale is going to be as long as a movie

game of thrones season 7 finale longest ever

I’ve been binging 1980s action flicks lately, and as I have, I’ve realized something. The perfect length for (almost) any movie is 90 minutes. 97 minutes with credits. So, shoutout to Game of Thrones for capping off their seventh season with a perfect-length film.

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‘Stranger Things’ soundtrack coming to cassette to fully consummate your nostalgia wanking

stranger things soundtrack cassette

The Stranger Things soundtrack is coming to cassette. Because, of course. Man. Part of me absolutely loves Stranger Things, but the other part of me absolutely fucking loathes it. As a diagnosed bipolar, I suppose this makes all the sense in the world.

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‘Cowboy Bebop’ being made into American live-action TV show because we all sin

cowboy bebop american live action tv series

Cowboy Bebop is being made into an American live-action TV show. Man. This is, uh, this is going to test a recent stance I’ve been trying to adopt. The stance? Trying to get less emotionally involved in remakes, sequels, and reboots. Saying to myself, “if it sucks, it sucks, but it doesn’t besmirch the original source” and such. Yeah. This one is going to test how well I can maintain this mantra.

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