HBO has officially ordered ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel pilot. What is profitable may never die!

game of thrones prequel pilot ordered

Shout out to GRRM. Dude is fucking writing prequel Thrones TV pilots instead of finishing the book series. You can almost feel him clenching his ass in fright across the astral plane.

But, on to the news story. Game of Thrones, is at best to me, an okay show with some occasionally riveting shit. However, it’s an enormous success, and HBO has decided to milk it for everything it’s worth. The company has officially ordered a pilot for a prequel series, and yay or whatever.

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‘Voltron’ Season 6 Trailer: The Paladins Go To War!

I’m ready for this shit, folks.

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FX has picked up ‘Legion’ for a third season. I should probably catch-up, huh?

fx legion third season

Legion has been granted a third season, motherfuckers! Which reminds me, I really need to finish watching the first, and catch-up on the second. I know, I am dirty brown water trash.

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HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ has a fucking glorious cast, featuring Regina King, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, and more

hbo watchmen cast regina king don johnson tim blake nelson

Man, the fucking cast for HBO’s Watchmen series has been revealed, and it’s fucking awesome, my dudes. Between Lindelof’s letter detailing his aspirations with the show, and this cast, I’m fucking torqued.

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‘Luke Cage’ Season 2 Clip: The Bulletproof Man Carries the Weight of Harlem

I love Luke Cage. I hated the second half of his first season. So, I’m optimistically agnostic about the show’s second installment.

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‘The Expanse’ is going to be resurrected by Amazon. Bless the Sci-Fi Gods!

the expanse season 4 amazon

The Expanse, a show far too good for most viewers, and the fucking channel Syfy, was killed. Now, this glorious show is (probably) being given a new chance on Amazon. Here’s hoping it’s treated better its second time around.

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Netflix and ‘Lumberjanes’ creator teaming up for ‘She-Ra’ reboot for the honor of Grayskull!

netflix and lumberjanes shera reboot

I never really fucked with She-Ra back in the day. But, I never really fucked with Voltron prior to its Netflix reboot. So, I’m going to get stoked that none other than the Lumberjanes writer resurrecting the property for the streaming service.

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Jordan Peele’s Nazi Hunting series picked up by Amazon Studios for full series order

jordan peele nazi hunting amazon

Jordan Peele’s Nazi hunting series The Hunt is coming to Amazon, motherfuckers!

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FX has given ‘This Is America’ and ‘Atlanta’ director Hiro Murai his own development deal

fx this is america hiro murai development deal

I’ve known how rad Hiro Murai is for a good goddamn while now. But, a lot of people are experiencing his work for the first time through Childish Gambino’s video, This Is America. None the less, with that brag out of the way, I’m stoked that he’s getting a development deal.

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‘Rick and Morty’ has been renewed for fucking SEVENTY episodes

rick and morty renewed seventy episodes

This, this is fucking fantastic news. Sure, we probably won’t see a new Rick and Morty episode probably until 2021, and we will only see like thirty out of these seventy episodes due to some Harmon collapse, but I’m fucking pumped.

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