Netflix drops first look at Jon Bernthal in full Punisher costume and it’s my everything today

first look the punisher new costume

I thought I was pretty much done being excited for Netflix/Marvel collaborations, but my enthusiasm for Defenders has dissuaded me of that notion. Had it not, I imagine this first look at Jon Bernthal in full Punisher regalia would have done it.

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‘Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams’ Trailer: A First Look At The Mind Bending PKD Anthology Series

philip k dick electric dreams trailer

[Update: They keep taking it down. Fucking come on, guys. It’s out there, just let stay.] Please be good.

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‘The Punisher’ Teaser Trailer: Memories, They Never Hurt Me

Yeah, keep stunting, Frank. We know you’re crushed by your haunting memories. And we, as a result of your haunting memories, get to watch you mirk infinite dudes.

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Casey Affleck says his brother isn’t returning for ‘The Batman’, apparently. Wicked breakin’ news, kehd

ben affleck the batman not returning casey affleck

Casey Affleck doesn’t think his brother Ben is returning for The Batman. Dude dropped the factoid casually on a Boston sports talk show, and then sort of attempted to walk it back. As the world turns with Bond and this shit, huh?

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‘Ozark’ Season 2 announced by Netflix, guess I’ll add the show to my unconquerable list of pop culture to consume

ozark season 2 announced

Got a couple of friends really digging Ozark, while I continue my attempt to catch-up on Game of Thrones. Good news for those friends, who have been telling me I’m fucking up (I know, I know!) for not watching Ozark. They’re going to have more of the show to enjoy. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll be caught up on Thrones by the time the second season drops.

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John Carpenter is directing a TV pilot written by David Hayter, in today’s unexpected collaborations

john carpenter directing david hayter pilot

Voice of Solid Snaker, and writer of the first two X-Men movies, David Hayter has penned a TV pilot. That, that doesn’t really hold much juice. Doesn’t get the nads tingling. However! The fact that John Carpenter is directing it? Oh yes.

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‘The Defenders’ Trailer: I’m Not Looking For Super Friends

This Defenders trailer has done the impossible. It’s actually made Danny Rand seem…entertaining? I’ll fucking take it.

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Netflix renews ‘GLOW’ for a second season. Good, ’cause this show is a goddamn gem

netflix glow season two

GLOW is my favorite installment of pop culture this summer, so I’m stoked-torqued-jacked that the show will be getting a second season. I had sort of assumed it was going to be renewed. However my scrotum tightened with fear with each week that passed with no announcement. Relax, scrotum! Flop free, flop in celebration!

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Coen Brothers bringing Western anthology ‘The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs’ to Netflix. We are not worthy.

coen brothers netflix anthology the ballad of buster scruggs

Holy tits, dude. The Coen Brothers are writing and directing a Western anthology for Netflix. The six-episode jam is titled The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs, and again, holy tits.

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‘American Vandal’ Trailer: The Ball Hairs…They’re Different in Netflix’s True Crime Satire

Netflix is putting out an eight-episode skewering of their own true crime proclivity, and it is centered on penis graffiti. Yup, that’s where we’re at, folks. And I love it.

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