‘Watchmen’ TV series has been officially greenlit by HBO. I already thought it was, but whatever, fuck yeah!

watchmen tv series hbo greenlit

I, I already thought this shit was greenlit. But, I’m wrong! Nothing new, nor usual about that. That said, fucking stoked.

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‘Iron Fist’ Season 2 Trailer: WRU Daredevil, this dude sucks

If you take much stock from this trailer, the second season of Iron Fist is going to be incrementally better than the first. That isn’t saying much, though. And with a plate full of better shows to be watching, I ain’t gonna bother unless it blows people away.

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Apple orders comedy from ‘It’s Always Sunny’ stars Rob McElhenney and Charlie Day

apple comedy charlie day rob mcelhenney

Two of the men behind one of my favorite shows ever are creating a comedy for Apple. While this is pretty cool, it’s yet another fucking streaming service I’m going to have to get involved with.

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‘Maniac’ Trailer: The new series from ‘True Detective’ director Cary Fukunaga asks if you know where you are right now

Fuck to the yes. Here’s a trailer for Maniac, the Netflix limited series from director Cary Joji Fukunaga. You may recognize him as the dude who helped make True Detective‘s first season fucking incredible.

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‘Stranger Things’ Season 3 ain’t dropping until 2019. This will give Duffer Brothers more time to steal ideas, phew

stranger things season 3 2019

I enjoyed the first season of Stranger Things, despite it being a pastiche of far superior works. I deplored the second season of Stranger Things, since it was the same pastiche of far superior works. As well, not only were their influences played out, but they displayed them with far less subtlety. Much like the Wachowskis blowing all their influences on the first Matrix, I’m not sure the Duffer Brothers can hem together another enjoyable season without. You know. Coming up with some shit of truly of their own.

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The Russo Brothers sign with Amazon to develop some ambitious ‘global television franchise’ whatever the fuck that means

russo brothers amazon global television franchise

What we know: The Russo Brothers’ next project will be for Amazon, and it’s going to be a “global television franchise” apparently. What that means: who the fuck knows. But, it’s the Russo Brothers. They’ve been glossing my asshole (that’s a good thing, I promise) for more than a half-decade. So I’m fucking sold.

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‘Castlevania’ Season 2 Trailer: They Don’t Deserve The Earth

The wait, the fucking wait, for Castlevania‘s second season is slowly coming to an end. And if this trailer is any fucking indication, it’s going to be worth the wait.

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‘Iron First’ Season 2 Teaser: Look at this fucking dumb ass in his mask

My word, Marvel. Ya’ll really ain’t going to get Iron Fist even remotely right, huh?

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‘Altered Carbon’ gets renewed for second season with Anthony Mackie starring. Can’t get any worse than the first, right?

altered carbon second season anthony mackie

Bateman and I loved the book Altered Carbon and its sequels. However both of us fucking hated the Netflix adaptation. So, I’m not particularly excited by this news, but who knows. That said, I know a lot of people (who seemingly didn’t read the novels) who fucking loved it. So I hope ya’ll got serious fucking stiffies over this.

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‘The Dragon Prince’ Trailer: The new animated series from ‘The Last Airbender’ writer looks dope as fuck

Hell to the yes.

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