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SNES Saturdays #11: ‘Yoshi’s Island’ – The Phantom Menace Thread

SNES Saturdays #11: ‘Yoshi’s Island’ – Happy 30th Birthday To The Greatest Movie Of All Time, ‘Bloodsport’

We’re streaming tonight! 10pm, EST. Yoshi’s Island. Come be pop culture hogwash with us!

SNES Saturdays #10 – Bateman’s ‘Last Jedi’ Broom Boy Hot Take

The latest Twitch stream is up on YouTube. And oh boy, it’s a doozy. Bateman spends too much time ruminating on the, uh, uncomfortable fate of the slave kids in the Last Jedi.

We also really focus on the Cronenberg-esque body horror of Yoshi’s Island, which finds the reptile-alien-thing metamorphosing in truly horrid manners.

Finally, if that ain’t enough, we deep dive into the various characters we’ve met in a sauna at our gym. Uh, yup!

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SNES Saturdays # 9 – Christmas Evening Corpulence

A little streaming from Christmas evening. Playing some Super Mario World, tackling a five-pound bag of watermelon Sour Patch Kids. There’s, uh, other stuff, but I’m blanking on it. Totally compelling description, right?

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SNES Saturdays #7 & 8 – Booty Had Me Like…Van Damme is God

We’re late! Getting these up! Always late…getting it up. I know, I know. Too easy. Too lame. Too puerile. Which makes it perfectly fitting for my dumb ass! But, here we go!

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SNES Saturdays #6 – The Terrorist Known As Super Mario

Last weekend’s stream is up, my dudes. We spend the time talking about the terrorist known as Super Mario. Imagining the terror that would be getting blasted with diarrhea while eating ass, and other garbage. All the while hunting secret levels in Super Mario World.

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SNES Saturdays #4 – Bateman Used To Bang Pillows

So like yeah, Bateman confesses to banging pillows when he was an adolescent. We also, you know, suck. And if that isn’t enough, we contemplate the disgusting nature of Donkey Kong’s Candy Kong, and other such garbage.

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SNES Saturdays #3 – Thorgasms and the Great Bear Brawl

New SNES Saturdays, comrades! Bateman and I continue to suck, both existentially and at Donkey Kong Country! Join us as we talk Thor: Ragnarok, how annoying Eleven is on Stranger Things, and other miscellany.

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SNES Saturdays #2 – Bateman’s Dad’s Balls and Barrel Decimation

I know it’s been quiet for a fucking *minute* here on the Space-Ship Omega. Apologies! Apologies. In the meantime, check out the second official SNES Saturdays from Bateman and me. We’re just being a couple of garbage lords. Talking a lot about Freud, Bateman’s Dad’s balls, and other miscellany garbage.

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