‘Aquaman’ News: James Wan shares photo of Amber Heard as Mera

aquaman mera amber heard

Is this news? Naw! Fuck naw! But man, ain’t nothing truly news these days. Is this Amber Heard? Yeah! Fuck yeah! So I’m posting it.


The Queen has arrived. On Twitter, “Aquaman” director James Wan shared a new photo of Amber Heard’s Mera, which shows the character in her full Atlantean outfit. The costume appears to be directly inspired by her look in the comics.

The photo shows Mera in a skin-tight green outfit plated with scales. At her waist, she wears her trademark Atlantean symbol, forged out of gold. She appears to have just emerged from the water, as her long red hair is wet and her sleeves are dripping.

According to Wan, the photo marks Heard’s first day of filming on “Aquaman.” The director also credits photographer Jasin Boland for the photo.

Previous photos of Mera have provided a rather different, hard-edged look at the character. In “Justice League,” she’ll sport a more armored and dangerous look than the far less menacing one above.

Having first appeared in 1964’s “Aquaman” #11 published by DC Comics, and written and drawn by Jack Miller and Nick Cardy, respectively, the former queen of the mysterious Dimension Aqua (Xebel), and queen of Atlantis, also took up the mantle of a Red Lantern for the “Blackest Night” event series, and later became a member of Justice League United. “Aquaman” director James Wan has stated the relationship between Mera and Aquaman will start out a little rough in the film.